Thursday, March 10, 2011

The world is a little less bright now that my Grandpa is gone

Today my grandpa died. The world will never be the same. My heart is breaking but I know that my Robbie Nicole is sitting in his lap right now.

Grandpa was born June 17, 1924. He lived a long and very happy life.

When he met Ricky and Reese he said they were the most beautiful babies he had ever seen. That is a memory I will have forever.

Cam and I were lucky enough, though at the time it was nuts (dementia), to take care of him for about a year before I started dating Patrick. Cam used to streak across the living room almost daily after his showers and grandpa would just sit there and laugh and laugh.

Grandpa giving my mom and I the "look" while at the dr..
This is in 2000. Relaxing. He LOVED his boots!
Presents always took about 10 minutes to open. Cute.
2000- usual. Runs in the family
My favorite. He had the patience to play Cams made up games. No one but Cam ever won.
He got to meet the boys. I am so thankful for that. :-)


  1. Praying for your family, Margie! What great pictures to treasure!

  2. Thank you! He had a great life and I was lucky to have been raised with him around a lot. He was really cool in his younger days. :-)