Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My grandpas funeral

Today I have mixed feelings. I am so sad that my grandpa is gone but I am so thankful that he isn't in pain anymore. The funeral was on the Southside because the grew up there and bought the plot 20+ years ago. Pat, the twins and myself went. I bought the babies the cutest little suits and dress shoes.

Reese looking good. Dont pay attention to the mess. :-(

My handsome little Ricky!

It was the first time my family had seen the boys and they were a hit! I think holding the babies helped my mother get through the funeral.

After the funeral I dropped Pat and the boys off at home and I went to my mothers house. I has been almost a year since I have been over there. We hung out and caught up. It was really nice. After we both went shopping so I could get some items for my new job that I start tomorrow.

Pat totally failed at baby bootcamp but I am thankful he gave me the time with my family. Don't forget they need to eat too sweetie. :-)

These babies always make me smile. Even on sad days!

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