Friday, March 11, 2011

Rub and Dub Dub..Two Dunks in a Tub

Everyone loves a baby in a bath! These are some of our tub moments from the beginning! When we were in the NICU I would wait around on bath day just to get my hands on those slippery little guys. Now that the boys are 8 months old, splashing has prevented me from taking pics. I end up with more water on me than the boys in the tub. :-)

Ricky getting a bath from Nurse Barbara

Ricky. I just love this one!

Mommy giving Reese a sponge bath

Mommy bathing Reese is the NICU. I loved doing it!

Rotten Reese after his bath

Ricky..I keep hearing he looks like ET

Im covering him up so no one gets jealous...

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