Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Baby Bootcamp Day 4- Not so great.

Naps have been GREAT and I give morning baths now instead of night.

Since I start work tonight and daddy will be putting the brats to bed- I decided to write a really detailed explaination/instruction sheet of our new bedtime and dinner routine. It listed measurements and times...everything. Well, he said he couldnt get them to finsih eating. In turn, the babies decided not to sleep through the night. :-( Mommy did kick daddy to wake up with them since it wasnt my fault they were up. So....  mommy gets her point of the day but not daddy.

As for the first day of work....I am exhausted but thankful that I have the opportunity to help provide for the family. :-) I work 8pm-11:30pm on weekdays and 8-12:30 on weekends.

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