Saturday, March 12, 2011

Playdate with Gage and Emily- more twins!

A few days ago I met another mother on the San Anotonio Mothers of Multiples site. We started talking and both have 8 month old twins! The concept is very much like internet dating but all about babies! We had TONS in common so a playdate was in order! We were also SUPER lucky because we were going to get our brakes done this weekend and guess who has a hubby that does brakes for a living? new buddy! So, we headed over there tonight and the guys did the brakes while the girls played with babies. Couldn't get much better than that!

I learned on the trip that my babies are as rotten as I once believed. Emily and Gage went to bed early with no screaming, rocking or whining. I was SO impressed! I kept asking how they were so good and how she got them to do it and I finally got this answer "Look, I like you so I am going to tell you the truth. Its you". HAHA. I liked Anna so much more after that! Its true. Its me. So starting Sunday (tomorrow) we are having baby bootcamp at my house!! Pray that we all make it out of this with as little tears as possible.

I forgot my camera in the car while we were "playing" so I took later pics of the babies doing other things. Oh well, you get the point! :-)

Gage and Emily eating dinner!
Im a bad mommy and only took a pic of one baby..they look the same so, look twice!

We are really looking forward to hanging out with our new friends more! Next time mommy will remember to take the camera out.

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