Sunday, March 13, 2011

Baby Bootcamp- Day 1

After seeing how wonderful babies can be at this age... I decided to start a baby bootcamp. We are going to get these boys to somewhat do what mommy says. Kinda. :-)

The day started with some oatmeal and fruit, a bottle and a bath. We played for a little bit and the tired eyes were obvious by 10am. I put Ricky in his bed ( already sleeping) and Reese in the play yard in the living room. They slept for 4 hours!!! The rest of the day was really great and then 5pm hit. They were EXHAUSTED!! I decided to keep them up until they could eat a big dinner at 7. Dinner time was HORRIBLE!! They were crying and trying to fall asleep in their highchairs. I got the food on them and they were crashed the highchairs! We put on their P.J.'s and fed them each a bottle and into their beds they went. AT 8 pm!!!!

Reese ended up sleeping through the night until 9am which was a first! Ricky woke up soon after he was laid down and went to sleep at 10pm. I put him in the play yard and he hung out until he fell asleep. No crying!

I am sooooo happy and so thankful my friend Anna broke it down to me on Sunday! Now for day 2.....

Reese at nap...HE TOOK A NAP!

Ricky after dinner!
Reese after dinner!!

HAHAHAHA!! Too Cute!
Current bootcamp Score:

Ricky and Reese 0


  1. Those are some EXHAUSTED little boys!! I hope the boot camp works! We had a hair bow boot camp not too long ago and were very successful! LOL!

  2. Oh my gosh, so cute. The kids were running me ragged when they were babies too and none of us were sleeping and then I read Healthy Sleep Happy Child and that kicked my but into gear and really helped get their sleeping patterns under control. Good luck, hope you continue to score points!