Sunday, July 4, 2010

My NICU journal: First Entry

 When the triplets were born I was told by a nurse to journal while waiting at their bedside. I didn't start it until they were a week old and stopped when I was able to do more with them! Who wants to write in a silly old journal when you can have a baby in your arms? I am backdating all of these to the entry dates. :-) These are speaking to the boys...

  Today has been the hardest day so far. Since I was released from the hospital on Thursday, I have been visiting both of you 2 or 3 times a day. Daddy wanted a turn this morning so I didn't get my visit. I miss you so very much. Luckily I get to see you every night at 8pm. NICU is closed from 6:30-8pm daily. I wait every night for those doors to open.

  We are only allowed to have "hands on" contact every 6 hours. I come at 8pm so I can massage those precious little heads and if I am lucky, they let me change your diaper. :-)

  A nurse suggested I leave a journal at your bedside to write in daily- so here I am!

  Today you are both one week old. I am so in love with both of you, it surprises me. I never thought I could love another like I love Cameron...and you both stole another piece of my heart.

  I will write again tonight.

                                                                                                   Love Always-

Later that night:

  Ricky 2.6 lbs
  Reese 2.6 lbs

  What an amazing night!! Nurse Starla let mommy hold you both for the first time! They call it a kangaroo hold- it was wonderful! You were both so peaceful.

  Upon arriving, Starla was working with Ricky so I was able to help. I held you for 20 minutes. Once we moved to Reese we discovered poop all over! Way to go pumpkin! :-) Mommy changed it and actually loved every minute of it!

  I will be here first thing in the morning to bring milk. I love you both so much! Kisses and hugs! ;-)

                                                                                                                Always and Forever,

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