Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A couple days of weights and finally an entry!

7/10/10  Ricky and Reese 2.9 lbs
7/11/10  Ricky: 2.9 lbs 15 1/4" long
              Reese: 2.10 lbs 15 3/4" long
7/12/10  Ricky and Reese 2.9 lbs

7/13/10 Ricky and Reese 2.9 lbs

Eventful day today! Talked to the Dr and we have a couple updates:

  1. Ricky's brain bleed is the same as it was last week (good news)
  2. Reese has a small PDA. It is so small that nothing needs to be done.
  3. Reese's brain bleed got better!
  4. Ricky has reflux so he is now being fed over an our and a half to make it easier on his belly
  5. We got Robbie back today
I got to go this AM and hold Reese before leaving to take Cam to the movies.

8pm- Mommy and Daddy both came! Daddy held Reese while I held Ricky. :-) You are both starting to smile. Daddy claims you look like him but we know better!

Always and Forever-


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