Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Journal Entry #4

Ricky: 2.8 lbs
Reese: 2.8 lbs

  Woke up at 2am to pump and had the worst headache!!! A hangover from one beer! HAHA

  Went to see you at noon and got some hands on time! After I left I got a call from the woman helping me make special covers for your NICU beds...they are READY!! They ended up being a perfect fit and you two are the coolest babies in the unit!

  Daddy and I came back at 8pm (like every night) to hold you. We only get to once a day. This time I held Ricky and daddy held Reese. They gave us 2 whole hours!!! They even let me hold Reese for 30 minutes after Ricky. Mommy walked out a very happy woman!

  On a side note: Your brother Cameron is sacrificing so much of his mommy for you both. I know he will be a great BIG BROTHER!!


Always and Forever-



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