Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Journal Entry #3

Ricky: 2.8 lbs
Reese: 2.8 lbs

   Busy busy day! We visited you 3 times today! Our night visit was great! I held Reese while Daddy held Ricky for a whole hour!!! It is so hard to describe to other parents that get to hold their babies as much as they want how special every minute I hold either of you is.
   Reese got moved to preemie diapers which take up half of his body because he goes potty so much. My boy is getting a reputation!
   Ricky is as rotten as ever! You don't want to be bothered by anyone! Very stubborn even at this age. Reminds me of someone...

Always and Forever-

10 days old!!!!

P.S. 3 nurses told me to have a beer!!! Said I worry too much (who me?) and that it would help milk production.  Should be interesting!

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