Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Last journal entry!

Ricky: 2.9 lbs
Reese: 2.11 lbs <-----BIRTH WEIGHT!!!! :-)

  Today was FABULOUS!! I got to the NICU around noon today and your nurse was Dawn. I was able to hold Reese for almost 2 hours, then Ricky for 2 hours! First time Ricky was being good enough for me to hold that long! I left around 6:30 to go get daddy.

8pm- Daddy held Ricky and Mommy had Reese. Daddy held Ricky for 2 hours and I had Reese for 2! The nurses are only supposed to give an hour each time so we really lucked out!

I was given a present full of snacks and a really nice card from another NICU mom. Its so hard for all of us there. I guess thats what brings us together.

I love you Ricky and Reese!

Always and Forever-

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