Monday, July 5, 2010

Journal entry #2

 Ricky: 2.7 lbs
 Reese: 2.7 lbs

  Mommy was here on time with your milk delivery! It's 8am and we need to wait 30 minutes for feeding time. You are both on feeding tubes and eat every 3 hours. Right now you eat 7ml per meal.

  I just took a peek and you are both wearing knit hats that are adorable. You are on tummy time and I think you may be in heaven! I think these visits are keeping me going. XOXO

  We had nurse Barbara.

Always and Forever-


  This is my 3rd visit today. I held Ricky while daddy held Reese. We were both in heaven!

  Today I got a call from the doctor telling me you both have a level III brain bleed. Normally that would be bad but...they can't tell in your actions. Typically they would see apnea or seizures within the first week but you boys are strong! I love you so much and will be here in the morning! ;-)

Nurse Starla

Always and Forever-


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