Thursday, May 19, 2011

I am the mother of MICRO want to know how you can tell?

You will see the sparkle in my eyes every time they accomplish even the smallest of milestones. You will hear the love and joy in my voice when I see them after walking away for only moments....almost like a mother that had to walk away too many nights empty handed.
*You will also feel the cool sensation of the hand sanitizer before you even know its coming.*

Its amazing the difference between having a perfectly healthy newborn and having a 26 weeker. With Ricky and Reese I look at the small things. Did Reese grab both toys in both hands? Did Ricky just bang those two toys together? Check and check. The small things that most parents don't even notice are things that some of us have come to cherish.

I watched them learn to suck, swallow, breathe (remember that?). I literally watched what would normally be considered a fetus, grow right in front of my very eyes.

I look at these perfect little babies in AWE. They are so strong and so amazing. In 3 months they went through more than most of us have been through in a lifetime.

So...if you see me post a thousand facebook updates or get ten texts from me about how they are now looking to the left now or they can recognize names....know that they are still fighting each day with some of the cards they were dealt. I know in the future they may have delays because they were born with Grade 3 brain bleeds but for now THEY ARE RIGHT ON TIME.

Thank you Ricky and Reese for showing mommy how to stay strong and how to fight with everything I have. You truly light up the dark.

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