Saturday, May 14, 2011

Let the races begin!! THEY CAN CRAWL!!!

The gate between the dining and living. HAHA. LOVE THIS GATE!!

My life will never be the same! They are now CRAWLING!!! Ricky was the first to start on Thursday and Reese followed the next day! We spent the day shopping for BABY PROOFING items so that we I will survive the next couple of years. Seeing these boys on the move is the cutest thing in the world! They look like little puppies or baby horses learning to walk for the first time.

The physical therapist said the goal was a year to crawl and GUESS WHAT?? They are 10 months!!! We did it!!! (Now can we slow down...mommy needs to catch up)

P.S. Yes I used cords to bait you both into crawling on camera. I will do worse im sure. :-)

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