Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Our FIRST Mothers of Multiples Playgroup!!

Our first SAAMOM Playgroup! It was hosted by Sarah Little who also has two identical boys. I convinced Anna that we needed to go after Angie convinced me. Anywho... we were going! We decided to carpool since gas prices are INSANE right now. I picked up Anna, Gage and Emily....I literally felt like a bus driver. haha. They were soooo cute!

Front: Gage and Emily Back : The Brats :-)

When we got there is took FOREVER to unload the babies and ALL of the items needed. We looked like clowns at the circus. The playdate was indoor/outdoor so we naturally brought one of EVERYTHING...or two.

Tons of little ones crawling, walking (one) and 2 laying. It was ADORABLE!! I have never seen so many babies in one small space! They were babbling, stealing toys and crawling over eachother. Most of the babies were dressed matching with their twin so it wasnt too hard to tell who was with who. After the craziness started we just started grabbing babies and helping them with whatever they wanted/needed. No idea whos baby but it takes a village right?

We moved outside to a GORGEOUS backyard and talked while the babies ate and played. It was a great experince!

Until all of the babies got sick cause a mom brought her snotty baby...

This was at the beginning before they all got there!

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