Monday, April 23, 2012

Dr. Fierro today!

Today we had an appointment with the developmental neurologist. We played and played and played. My concerns going into the appointment were their small size and Ricky's speech.  The Dr said they are right where they need to be on the growth curve and they are not concerned at all. 50th% adjusted on growth chart. I asked her if they were going to be small men and she said more than likely not, they are just working on catching up. ;-)

As far as Ricky and speech. He is testing at a 14 month level. He is currently 21 months...22 in a few days. They have recommended we go from speech 1x a week to 2x a week for just him. Reese was right on track and she wasn't concerned with his learning. We are also going to take Ricky for a hearing test. She said that there are cases of fluid in the ear that doesn't stop hearing but muffles what he hears.

They are keeping us on a little longer until the boys can close the gap on their progress. I am so proud of my little munchkins. I know that this is Gods plan and that Ricky will not go to Kinder without speaking. Its on his time. <3

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