Wednesday, April 27, 2011

10 months old today and it ended with....

The day started like most of their special "birthdays". I ran into their room when I heard them wake up and started yelling "its your 10 month birthday babies"...and they giggle and the day starts. These monthly milestones are soooo important after all they went through at the beginning. When I think about the fact that I have only had Ricky home with me for 7

We had our 9 month checkup scheduled for this morning. I called 2 weeks before they were 9 months old but I guess my dr is really popular. We got all dressed and cleaned up and heaed out to meet daddy at the doctor. I decided to carry them in without carriers or a stroller. HAHA. That sucked. (remind me not to do it for awhile) As we are waiting for Patrick, of course a woman tries to touch the babies and I had to jump up and ask her to not touch the babies. The whole waiting room looked at me like I was crazy. Maybe they are right. I dont care...get someone elses baby sick.

The appointment went GREAT!! The boys are gaining like they should, reaching all of their milestones and were flirting the WHOLE time with the Dr. :-)

Daddy got us these shirts!
 We came home after the appointment and played all day. I thought it would be nice to get out of the house and go eat somewhere so as soon as Patrick got home we headed out. We were driving around and decided to stop at Cracker Barrel. I have never been there for dinner so we decided to try. Again, started out great...UNTIL..... REESE!!!

The child has my heart and as I write this, I have a smile thinking about what a little stinker he is. First he started the "stiff as a board" pose because he wanted to be held. Then he went to throwing everything around. Next and the WORST.... he has a habit of throwing up anything he doesn't like the texture of, the size of, if you aren't giving enough attention, etc....the potatoes were toast. Usually I can distract him when he starts up by singing the ABC's but I made the fatal mistake of wanting a bite of food.

The table looked like a hurricane came through. Hurricane Dunk was at least a 4.8 on the scale. I looked at the floor and hughchairs when we got up and my jaw dropped! I started grabbing wipes from the diaper bag and trying to clean. There were not enough wipes in WALMART to fix this one. I ended up giving the waitress a tip and trying to give the bus boy an additional tip. I wonder how long it will take before the memory is burned out of my brain....

They look so sweet.... the horns are hidden under the hair of the baby in the blue...

They are now in bed. You would think after this night I would be glad. I actually can't wait until the morning to see those two gorgeous smiles. XOXO God made them cute for a reason...


  1. LOVE the shirts!! So cute!!!! You have been blessed with absolutely ADORABLE, HANDSOME, BEAUTIFUL little boys and a GORGEOUS angel in Heaven. <3

  2. Oh if your boys are anything like my girls... you're going to have to get used to making messes in restaurants! They're JUST NOW getting to where they eat without dropping (or throwing) anything! We just leave a nice tip ;) They are such handsome little fellas at 10 months ;)