Thursday, January 31, 2013

Crib tents- Illegal and wonderful!

About 5 months ago we decided to move the boys into toddler beds after many escapes from their cribs. Total nightmare. In the past 5 months we have had poop painting parties, blinds die and everything else ruined. I finally got my hands on a few crib tents yesterday and we converted the toddler beds back to cribs. The boys are 31 months old and just not mature enough to handle that amount of freedom. Last night was great and the witching hour today was AMAZING. They talked for a few minutes about princesses and poop and then fell asleep. I am also very thankful we decided to buy a video monitor last week! I can see everything to make sure all of my little ducks are safe and sound. This is my first day of having all 3 kids asleep at the same time (out of my arms). It's amazing what can be accomplished in just an hour of uninterrupted time. Oh happy day!

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