Saturday, October 20, 2012

The boys first movie

Today we decided to brave the movies for the first time with the boys. Charlie is only 2 months old so we were expecting a little chaos. We chose Madagascar 3 at a discount theater down the street.

Initially Ricky was acting up so Patrick kept him on his lap and gave him some Reese's pieces. Reese sat between us on a booster with popcorn on his lap. He was so good! Towards the middle of the movie they both got out of their seats and started shouting at the movie. It was so cute.

We made it very close to the end before Ricky got bored so we packed up and left. The whole movie Charlie breast fed and stated quiet.

We took the boys out to the lobby and let them play games. That part was fun but getting them to leave the games was horrible! They threw themselves around and fought us hard! I ended up with Charlie in one arm and Reese kicking and screaming in the other walking across the parking lot. What a stinker. I would call it a great first try!

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