Saturday, July 2, 2011

I see miracles everyday!

This week has been amazing for me. The boys turned one last Monday and it seems like they are growing up so fast. For the past year I have had a constant worry about my beautiful and sweet baby Ricky. He was in the hospital for a month past Reese, came home on oxygen and his brain bleed lasted longer. I have always know that he may have future delays so when he dose something....It feels like witnessing a miracle...every single time.

This week he learned to stand up and to cruise!! ALL IN LESS THAN A WEEK. Its like hes telling me "don't worry mom, I got this" in his own little way.

Reese started pointing at everything this week. We went for their one year checkup and the doctor asked if they point yet. I answered no. Reese then decides to pick up that beautiful little hand and point at daddy. Gotta love kids!

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